Services AMC can offer

Restructuring, Change
& Turnaround

When it comes to business operations, poor or under performance , regardless the reason, it is a clear indicator something needs to change. Acceptance of this fact can be a hard pill to swallow for many boards, companies and even entire industries. Staying competitive and agile continues to be the key to business success. That means continuous evaluation of products and services, business models, processes and technological advancements that can impact your market position.

  • Interim & Crisis Management
  • OEM manufacturing ,audit, process and quality control
  • Claims Management Services
  • Sourcing ,Sales and Marketing
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Post Merger Integration

Private Equity

  • Global Transaction Advisory
  • Integrated Due Diligence
  • Portfolio/ Company Performance Improvement

Our Service & Charges

Our service can be provided onsite, by telephone or at any other by the parties agreed location world wide.


Our clients design their specific required service package themselves and according to their available budget based on transparent hourly , daily or monthly rates or project based fixed rates.


We work on base of retainers. This means that 50% of the estimated cost will be paid by our clients upon signing our service agreement or latest 30 days before our expert service activities start.


Transparent weekly activity and time reports will be send for approval by our clients and are the undisputed base for our service charge invoices.


Invoices will be issued on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly base and first offset from the retainer after that invoices are payable within 10 days after invoice date net/net.


Travel time is charged as per agreed travel hourly rate and our agreed rates (also in case of project package) do not include travel, hotel and meal expenses which will be charged against original invoice and supported with air, train tickets and taxi or other receipts.

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