AMC interim CEO / CFO solutions secure continuity for your organization and your Business!

AMC CEO and CFO’s are partnering with and provide guidance to the Board, the CEO and other executives and stakeholders in making decisions directly impacting the success of the business. Whether you need a seasoned Consultant to provide advisory or interim CEO or CFO for critical Business and finance transformation and performance improvement activities, AMC provides the right Solution with the right people to meet today’s organizations ever evolving needs.

At AMC we focus on top key criteria that should form the base for your corporate transformation, change or turnaround project. AMC Interim CEO’s and CFO's are frequently employed to implement/improve a best practice strategy for finance and governance, risk and or bridge the gap between full-time CEO or CFOs, such as when a company loses its CEO or CFO unexpectedly. If your company has a CEO or CFO resign and the new CEO or CFO is to start in a few months, a AMC contract CEO or CFO can monitor the companies Strategy, finances and compliance in the interim. Another reason your company might wish to hire an AMC interim CEO or CFO is to benefit from their unique knowhow, such as governance, risk and control framework design, cross functional process-oriented thinking, system implementation, mergers, and acquisitions, or restructuring if you face a crisis or change challenges.

In addition to responsibilities such as preparing financial statements, cost accounting and control, liquidity planning and sourcing, working capital management, and administrative organization, the AMC interim CEO or CFO serves as a formal partner in all industry sectors, driving with “unconventional” thought process and a practical “hands-on” mindset, continuously advancing with external partners like as Auditors, Chartered Accountants, equity investors, and banks can also approach the AMC Interim CEO or CFO as a qualified contact person on an equal basis.

An AMC Interim CEO or CFO could help eliminate the various challenging situations that a company might face . An AMC Interim CEO or CFO can provide multiple solutions and activities that are entitled to an CEO or CFO. The options that an AMC interim CEO or CFO can provide are the flexibility and immediate action that an organization needs.

Business Transformation Methodology and Best Practices
AMC can support integrations that ultimately will outperform average deal expectations. our consultants have done it before “ hands on”. We tailor our approach to your business needs and then work hand-in-hand with you on a daily basis to help you navigate the critical decisions that make your TRANSFORMATION , MERGE and PMI integration successful.

AMC Visioning and Transformation Planning with focus on 10 key objectives:
1. Corporate Mission and Vision Story Development
2. Organizational Design and Re-organizations
3. Ethics & Values and Compliance Development
4. Objective Setting/Measurement Strategies
5. Strategy/Business/Marketing Plans
6. Organic or in organic growth/Business Integration Projects
7. Audit Development & Implementations
8. Corporate Integration & Transformation
9. Productivity Measurement Implementation
10. Business Operations Re- and engineering

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