AMC Services

AMC provides tailor-made services for supplier or OEM/ production sourcing, business and market entry and development as well as “go to market” marketing to help its clients strategy to succeed. AMC specializes in the Chinese, Australian and Asian markets but can provide service on other continents (Europe and North and south America) and supports companies with a wide range of products and services, focusing on from market entry, business and market development, sourcing and OEM manufacturing service, to retained recruitment and even rep or branch office representation.

Why AMC Offers This Service

Many companies still encounter a great variety of barriers when they plan to enter the Chinese or other Asian markets. Such obstacles can be based on simply misunderstanding, language and communication or cultural difficulties in general, or facing different country-specific business practices when selling products, manufacturing or purchasing material in Greater China and south east Asia.

Additionally, the market is extensive, may appear to be confusing or non-transparent and unreliable local businesses may lead to costly negative experiences for companies. It can be difficult to find suitable and qualified manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or specific business partners in the Chinese and South East Asian market.

Distributor, Sourcing And Manufacturing Search

Distributing products, manufacturing or buying products in the wide-ranging and diverse Chinese and Asian market is a complex task. Often it is more effective to assign a qualified and established distributor or sales agent for your product distribution in China or to assign an OEM expert to source and control your supply sources.

We at AMC support you in finding the right distributor or manufacturer for your products or services within the Chinese or Asian market. After receiving your specific requirements and expectations about your products and potential business partners, we make use of our extensive network within the target industry to get in contact with relevant experts and associations as well as other multipliers.

Additionally, we reach out to selected companies and agencies to evaluate the suitability of distributing and representing your company on the Chinese or Asian market or audit suppliers as potential production source.

After consulting about a potential corporation, we provide you with an English, German or Dutch speaking contact and all the necessary details about the potential distribution or manufacturing company.

In the last step of the distributor supplier search, we help to establish a relationship with your prospective business partner. If requested, we can also accompany you to an initial meeting and support cooperation negotiations.

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