Gao Minhai  (GORDON)
Director/ Lead consultant for International Strategy & Business development


Minhai Gao

Born in Shanghai, China. Director/ Lead consultant for International Strategy & Business development

Considered an expert in international business development & management. With over 20 years international experience in China and south east Asia of which over 10 years on Sr. management level for both European listed multinational companies and Chinese enterprises. Over the years he has established and re-structured companies’, sales and marketing organizations resulting in sustainable top and bottom line growth.

With degrees in international Economics and Trade he has accumulated a rich hands on experience in sales & marketing, operations and top-level management: Gordon Gao signs responsible at AMC to lead projects as interim General Manager, Chief Commercial Officer, Global Key Account Manager as well as leader in negotiations of commercial contracts and international agreements: Corporate Agreements, Corporate Purchase, Vendor Management, Global Price strategy. Project Management, Profitability analyses and Make or Buy Decisions.

He has set up Overseas and Asian marketing and business strategy , development, with more than 20 Years C-level relationships in key Industries e.g. Heavy Industry/Energy/Mining &

Quarry/Automotive/Telecom/Industry/Whitegoods Electronics and Electric Manufacturing Service (EMS). With an extra ordinary network in China with Municipal governments and business relations with renown distributors. Since 2002, he was assigned in large and well-known multinational enterprises, such as Murata (Micro Electronics & Modules), Leoni (Wiring system for Automotive and Consumer Electronics) & Semperit (Mining, Metal and Chemicals) and as well as Chinese local enterprises in the metal and alloys industry.


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