Dr Ing Markus Keller PHD
Dr Markus Keller Phd


AMC  partner for the conveyor belt industry is Dr. Ing. Markus Keller. After earning a PhD in bulk materials handling by conveyor belt at Hannover University, he is considered a authority for more than two decades in the conveyor belt industry with experience in international project business, high tech products marketing and sales, production and supplier development. Many years top management experience for renowned conveyor belt manufacturers in management positions and being a partner for renowned engineering houses and end users, Dr. Keller offers a unique level of experience including the design of high strength and heavy duty and pip conveyor systems and technology , optimization of running operations and conditions as well as conveyor installation and service activities all over the globe. Based on his experience, he realized a high and increasing demand of independent consulting in the market place which allows him offering his experience and knowledge as a partner for AMC clients.


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