The AMC Academy

The AMC Academy offers applicants such as high school graduates and graduates from business and technical universities to follow a comprehensive 2 year trainee program in a defined direction, either

Business & EconomicsorTechnical Engineering




AMC In house trainers and guest lecturers from leading universities in Asia support the AMC academy which is fully financed by AMC , our clients and business partners through sponsorships and project funding.

AMC donates a certain percentage of net profit into the funding of the academy to support education and sustainability.


The AMC academy offer those financially less privileged or in educational less developed areas the possibility to combine learning with hands on work experience.

If successfully absorbed the training program AMC offers career opportunities (if positions are available) to start a career in the AMC group as Jr consultant in either a technical engineering or business economics.


Working on real projects together with Sr consultants and clients, prepare case studies and develop and implement innovative solutions together with and for our clients.
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