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ASEAN Management & Consulting Group (AMC) with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Shanghai, China offers a comprehensive integrated management and consulting service in different fields of industry expertise’s.

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ASEAN Management & Consulting Group (AMC) with offices in Bangkok, Thailand (BMC-Bangkok Management & Consulting Group) and Shanghai, China offers a comprehensive integrated management and consulting service in different fields of industry expertise’s. AMC was founded with the idea of not offering only standard management and consulting service but also hands on support during implementation phase for commercial and operational strategy, change and turnaround, process design, optimization and implementation as well as connecting private equity, strategic partners, governments and executives with entrepreneurs in different industries to prepare and guide M&A, PMI and retained executive search. All covered under the slogan do it “the AMC way”.


Well the answer is easy, Integrity, Passion and Commitment to our work are the three key drivers that best show the AMC strategy. From our humble beginning we are working persistently to establish our brand in Management and consultancy in varies industries worldwide. Our people and their “can do” attitude is our real strength. We take pride in our valued clients and our global partners who have entrusted a tremendous level of confidence in our ability to deliver.

“At AMC we understand your business because we come from the business and create value on top and bottom line level for reasonable rates with the AMC way.”

AMC’s Competitive Edge

Most large well known consulting companies and their well dressed “man in black” are very well able and capable to make a good and in depth financial and process analyses, though finally the result is mostly just an confirmation of that what most enterprise boards and private business owners already know and the reason why they hire external support, “we need to take action”!

Of course these basic analyses are also part of AMC’s preparation, but than it comes to the art of communication and implementation, were most business owners and their project teams are left alone and lacking the hands on support from the “man in black”.

The AMC Way is, we go the extra mile for and together with our clients to create sustainable top and bottom line results.

This is where the added value of our experts and the AMC way become visible and creating AMC’s competitive edge! the AMC Way is, we go the extra mile for and together with our clients to create sustainable top and bottom line results.

With a cross-cultural, cross-functional team of professionals from the business focused exclusively on the rapidly developing manufacturing sector, AMC group offers its clients a comprehensive range of corporate development, manufacturing, commercial and strategic orientation, management and consulting services. Our team of professionals have the proven ability to provide advice to clients and intermediaries based on in-depth industry and product knowledge and expertise in area of the various manufacturing and market sectors. We have a broad network of relationships with key influencers and experts in the finance, mining, steel, processing, electronics, automotive and consumer goods industry. The AMC Management and consultant team include former fortune 500 Sr-level managers, application and process engineers as well as economists and market strategy development experts.

Leadership, Information, Action and Results:

Our principles of leadership, action and results have and will also for the future guide and drive our growth and development strategy from typical change and turnaround focus to a global professional Management & Consulting and Integrated services company.

The vison and mission of our management is based on The AMC Way which combines fact-based data, operational hands on experience with a we get-it-done mindset in a unbreakable TEAM spirit (TEAM=Together Everyone Achieves More) . At AMC we believe in the following:


Identifying problems, informing stakeholders design and executing solutions.
Using real time data and fact based data and information.
Keeping a helicopter view but also getting into the roots.
Giving our clients the unvarnished truth and standing by their side in finding and implementing solutions.

Mission & Vision

AMC Mission

To emerge as the clear regional leader in our defined areas of work. To offer comprehensive integrated consulting and management service with hands on implementation support for, performance improvement and value creation to help our clients turn areas of stagnation and challenges be it on strategy, operational, commercial or financial level into chances for growth to achieve sustainable results for reasonable rates to improve top and bottom line results and to create shareholder value. This is at the core of the mission and vision of AMC.

AMC Vision

To deliver innovative solutions to businesses to help them improve their processes, top and bottom line.In pursuit of our mission we are willing to go the extra mile to become a full service leading Management & Consulting firm and to become known for asking uncomfortable questions, listening well, digging deep and getting our hands dirty ourselves. To be fact driven but also action and result oriented. By applying the AMC way we are able to convey our clients and their businesses forward, to where they should be and even further, were they aim to be and by that creating partnership with our clients.

The AMC Team


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